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Ghetto Poetry
Holla At Me
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Ghetto Poetry


They Way I'm Livin
Yo... I'm seeing a couple things wrong with the way that I'm living
So come and walk with me I just need a second opinion
Introduce you to my friends I got to see if you notice
If they loyal or if they all got different motive
See some snake niggaz, me and them don't deal anymore
Ever since I got a girl I don't know whats real anymore
I'm paranoid so excuse me if I seem to be nervous
But everybody from my past now they trying to resurface
Trying to rekindle, They don't think I know they had enough
I got niggas I never knew they trying to take my head off
Maybe I'm wrong, like I told you man I need your opinion
Me and him never spoke before so I don't see whats so different
Dudes I don't know they recognize me start extending they hand
And I'm trippin ready for beef when he was only a friend (why?)
Cause these niggaz in my hood say they don't like how I'm reppin'
Let me know how strongly you feel, will I be needing my weapon
As some sort of protection, should I carry a pen and pad
And ask everybody in the fucking hood for they suggestion
I'm letting the world know that Jersey City is gifted
When they didn't know that Jersey City existed
Certain cats in Jersey City so hateful
And certain cats in Jersey City ain't grateful
All they say is I don't chill anymore
Ever since I got a girl they don't think I'm real anymore
I'm told I shouldn't be alone cause I'm a star in my hood
Something might happen now, they know who you are in the hood
See to me it's heavy, but to you it may seem petty
Let's continue walking, I know you ain't tired already
Why am I hated cause I handle my business
Ain't got to look for a girl nowadays cause almost all these niggaz is bitches
See 'em often while we walking I'll show you the drug dealers
And some dudes that hate me word on the streets is they real killers
Where was the hate back when I wasn't on my feet
A quiet school nigga, smart kid on the streets
I don't recall none of this happenin' back then
And I don't understand I was still hard back then
So I got to ride with a gun
From trying to get my mom and pop up out of the slum
My girl's an angel and I feel like now that I'm successful I owe her
Cause she would hold me so tight when I was ready to relapse
Tell me to relax, I ain't know no better straight out of rehab
Bottom line I was lonesome
And we was right for each other, yo girl I grown some
From a nigga with rags to always lookin handsome
Thanks to you I feel like a King after being a bum

Welcome to My Hood
If you knew my streets
You would know all everybody talk about is who got beef
Who snitchin, who told police
Who came home, who still gone, who restin in peace
Now they killin over my money, not drugs, I replaced it
Cause thugs with no brains got no patience
New jacks I pistol whip 'em with the funky rhythm I be kickin
Musician and a rappin composition
A pain, I'm like Saddam Hussein
Still alive lookin at his dead children's burnt remains
I burnt the game, taught you lames a new lesson
Your crew's soft man, ya'll need some new weapons
The hood breathe weed and white tees and Timmies
Around mixed, spics, niggaz and goodies
From my ghetto kings in deep thought we don't blink
But don't think we wastin our time
It's a Jersey City State of Mind
I'm from the home of no legends and trend settin
No footsteps to follow, I've been steppin
Mind stressin tryin to find a record crime shreddin
Time precious, I ain't have rest since nine eleven
I live fast, hustle like today is my last
I get cash, the struggle's like a day on the Ave.
Crack bein raw, gats squeezin off
Jersey squeezin off, from cats who tease with war
The eve of the Apocalypse, evil keep movin politics
Every block is at risk, the Jersey City metropolis
The opposite of Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra
It's my girl and Big Mo the gangsta's opera
So Jersey City walk with me, talk gritty
It's up to us Jersey it's our city
Here the man come with the anthem, hands up
It's time the thrill is back Jersey, let's stand up

Tell me when
Niggas will stop sending other niggas to the pen
Bitches will stop hating other bitches for their men
People player hating other people will it end
Listen to the blend, tell them come again
Fake ass niggas they can never be my friends
Back stabbing fools i think its time you comprehend
Big Mo will always shine in the end
I got these punk ass niggas, trying to figure me out
What Big Mo coming with, or when that boy gonna drop
Well here it is motherfucker, this how it goin be
And ain't no nigga on the streets, going harder than me
You niggas fairy tale, and I see through y'all
Jersey City been known, for breaking bitch niggas jaws
And I don't talk to hoe niggas, who talk too much
On the other line, giving info up
Yo what you coming with next, bitch wait and see
And it ain't official nigga, unless you heard it from me
I'm the Northstar kid, been hated by many
But they don't want none of Mo, I hope ya niggaz are ready